Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flashback Friday!!!

So while I was perusing some layouts to link up at Paper Issues, I got lost in looking through my albums of them.... I really need to take more time to look through the things I have created, after all that is what they are made for!!!

This one is just one of the many of my youngest, Brayden.  He's such a character, I don't even have the time to tell all of his hilarious stories.  This particular day he was just chillaxin' in the high chair watching tv.  In a hockey helmet.  Typical day around my house.

If you ever want to see the kids with the most amazing eyes, head on up my way and I'll introduce you to a friend of mine.  Her kids are beautiful.  Seriously model beautiful.  This little gem is now 2 years older and still has those amazing, piercing eyes!

Swimming in the pool when we hit the city is one of my kids favorite things to do.  We only get to a hotel twice/year on average, and we usually don't take all 4 kids.  Our trips are usually for Braydens cardiologist appointments, and we take turns with the other kids coming with us.  This particular trip it was Jackson's turn.  The boys.  Unfortunately, the older boy got the flu the morning after for the 2nd year in a row. :(  Thankfully they had all this fun before it hit though!!!

This is why I scrapbook, to remember the fun times, the good times, the memorable times.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring is coming!!

Well, I won't say I can feel it yet.... but it's March, it's not -45 degrees Celcius, so I can feel it in the air!!  I'm excited to open my windows and air out my house, I'm excited to get outside with my camera and take some pictures to scrap with, I'm just excited to get OUT of the house again! LOL!

I just tidied up my scrap area.  Again.  I am hoping to order Disney pictures this weekend, and crossing fingers that they don't take too long to get here as Paper Issues is having an online crop in a few weeks and I am so looking forward to hitting up some challenges!!!

I created a layout a little while ago from a sketch from Paper Issues, it is one of my favorites and it doesn't even include my kiddos!!  A few old pictures of my late grandparents is all it took to pull this layout together.... sometimes I just love working with pictures of other people besides my 4 little minions!!!

Hope to get back on here soon with some new layouts or altered items, I found a few things while cleaning my space that I can't wait to doctor up a little bit ;)
Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Seriously? It's February already?

We have been without a laptop for well over a month now, and that is the main reason that my blog is so dead in the water.  It's hard to make a blog post from an ipod, not even an ipAd, but an ipod.  It's all I have right now at home, but hopefully our laptop will be back in working order by next week and I can start the ball really rolling again!!

In the meantime, I am happy to say that our Disney trip (me, Makenna, and my Aunt) went AMAZINGLY well.  Kenna had a permagrin on her face, as did I, until we left and I was in tears waiting for our bus.  We missed having my mom with us (she is in the middle of chemo treatments and couldn't go) but we took tons of pictures for her to look through and we kept her updated daily on how things were going and what things were Makenna's favorites!!  Dari was definately on our shoulders the entire trip, sprinkling pixie dust, good weather, and fun times on us......  Now it will be another 4 years minimum until I can take Brayden, and this time I think we'll go back to Disneyland for him to be able to see Cars Land!!

I do have a layout to post that I didn't have on here yet, one of the pictures from our photosession I did with the kids in the fall... loved using up some of my stash to hopefully make room for some new stuff soon!  So much from CHA that I was in love with!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good Saturday Morning!

I have a thing for frames.  I also have a thing for re-doing frames many times over, with new pictures and also new scrapbook goodies.  When I got in the Amy Tangerine 'Stitched' line, I knew I needed to use it for a frame in my livingroom, which is slowly being turned into a grey/yellow color scheme.

I filled half of the slots with pictures, and the other half with papers and embellishments.  Love the look, and it's so easy to switch out to match any room!  I think I've done this particular frame 5 times over now!!

Take a look around your house today and see what you can re-do and make new again!!!!  Have a great weekend and make it a crafty one!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween layouts aren't my usual.  I actually don't LOVE Halloween, please don't throw rotten pumpkins at me!!  In this day and age of buying the newest, most expensive costumes, it's hard to please the kids.... this year has been ok, one isn't dressing up, one is wearing the costume he wore last year, and the other 2 we outfitted at the second hand store for $10!

So anyways, I decided to do the It's a Sketchy Challenge from Canadian Scrapbooker, it's been a little while since I used one of theirs, but this one fit perfectly with the 2 pictures I wanted to use.  The sketch called for 3 but I tweaked it.

Here is the sketch....

And here is my take on it!  I can't tell you what paper this is, I inherited a ton of paper from my sister and still am wading through it all.... lol

I hope you all have a great Halloween with your little ones, and big ones too!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scrappy/life update!!

I was so excited to have school back in session.  Yes, I love my kids.  However, I also need a bit of a break from 4 kids every single day, all day long.  They are lovely, hilarious, generous, kids... but they are also LOUD. ;)

Brayden started nursery school which is only 2 half days each week, perfect for him right now.... just to learn to sit still once in awhile more than anything. lol  

I did a photoshoot with the kids before the leaves fell, but my favorite pictures were taken at 'the rock cut' which is about 10 minutes outside of town on the highway, with very large piles of limestone.... so not really 'fall' pictures, but they turned out SO well, I'm going to be putting together some Christmas presents of some sort with them shortly!!

Scrappy-wise I did manage to get to the table a few times in the last few weeks, which was awesome!  Brayden is starting to give me more freedom to get scrappy and I am very happy about it..... :)

Now that winter is settling in, I know that my scrap table will see more of me, and I am totally looking forward to it.....  Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall is here!!

As you can tell, this summer was busy busy busy!!  I didn't sit down to scrap more than a small handful of times, and most of those were for last minute birthday cards. LOL!  I was enjoying time at the beach with the kids, working, and of course our laptop had to get sent out AGAIN.

All is good now though, back in the land of the living and ready to tackle this new 'year' of school with the kids.  So far they are all enjoying it, but it's only day 4 so don't get all excited.....

I did do a layout this past weekend as it rained ALL weekend and my hunny was nightshift....

I won a prize package from Scrapbook Circle MONTHS ago that I hadn't opened up yet due to the busy summer, so I thought it was time.  And the Crate Paper inside along with the embellies was so soft and pretty, perfect for a girly picture :)

Thanks for checking in to those who didn't forget about me, and I'll be scrapping on a more regular basis now that things are back into routine.... :)
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