Friday, April 18, 2014

April Recipe Challenge!

In between boiling and dyeing eggs.... dying? dyeing?  Whatever, we made them colorful....  Well in between that, I managed to get another layout done and used a recipe challenge (#73) from Scrapbook Circle.  

'A pinch of this, a dash of that' got me digging through my kit to see what I could use, and it fell together pretty easy... and honestly not completely my normal page, but I love it!

Tayla asked me why I did another layout with this picture, as I have used it before... I told her I just love it that much that it deserved to be showcased twice.  She said 'yeah, it does'.... gotta love teenagers. LOL!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Crop at LIITD

Well, I am back from an amazing weekend in Winkler, MB at the annual Spring Crop that is put on by Love is in the Details, my favorite scrappy store ever....  What an awesome weekend it was, laughed until I was popping abs ;)  and literally crying tears of laughter and joy and happiness.

My soul needed this weekend, and it was not disappointed.  I came away with renewed friendships, new friends, a full belly, and a full heart. :)

Oh, and I even did a few layouts. haha!!

I didn't take much down with me, but luckily I took a few kits from Scrapbook Circle which made it super easy having all of the matching papers, embellishments, etc. in one spot to use.  Definately love that kit club!!!  I used both of the February and March kits for a few of the following layouts, and I bought a new paper pack while I was there for the 'here comes trouble' that I knew would go perfectly with some of my camping papers!!!  I think I got the last one in the store, and I'm glad I did!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy Month!!

Hmmmm looks like another month and a bit has gone past since I blogged.  What's been going on in my life?  Well, biggest thing is, I quit my job at the bank.  I was ready for a change, and another opportunity arose with the same hours/week, same pay, but a completely different environment.  So I applied, and got the position, and am now working for the Employment Assistance Centre.  It's a great place to work, love my co-workers, and have found the transition pretty smooth so far.  Plus I am home every single day until the kids go back after lunch which they and I have both loved.

I've been scrapping a bit more again as well.  Feels good to sit down and actually have some passion about it again, and ideas to go with that passion. :)


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sooooo over at Canadian Scrapbooker, they have something called the 'Sketchy Challenge'.  Every month they post an awesome sketch and you use your craftiness to come up with your own layout based on that sketch.

This month, this is the sketch...

And this month I decided to take part, and came up with this!

I used Doodlebug Designs 'Take Note' 6x6 paper pack, the colors are amazing and I love the pop the black edges gave them.....

Saturday, January 18, 2014


So originally, back in April I think it was.... I purchased 2 tickets for the P!nk concert in Winnipeg for the end of October.  This was meant to be mine and Dari's 'F*ck off Cancer' weekend when she was all done treatment, etc.  We were so excited to go, she got almost as excited as she was for a Disney trip.  We were going to do dinners, and movies, and maybe some massages and hot tubbing.....  Unfortunately fate wasn't aligning the stars the proper way, and our exciting getaway weekend together never happened.  So, when the time came for the concert in October, and I didn't have my sidekick to go with me, I decided to take my oldest daughter, Tayla. The concert ended up being postponed until this past week, January 14th..... and it was sooooo worth the wait. Here are a few of the pictures I got.... they WILL end up on a few scrappy pages ;)

One of the best nights of my life, and more than likely the best concert that I'll ever go to.  She puts on a breathtaking show, it's unbelievable!!!  LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bring it on, 2014

I won't pretend that I'm excited for a new year, because I am not really excited. LOL!  But, I am ready to face whatever it brings!  Resolutions in this house fall by the wayside very quickly so I didn't make any.... However, I did decide that it was time to scrapbook again.  It's been a year since I did any actual intensive scrapping, full of interest and heart..... I lost my mojo, my desire... you name it, I lost it.  There was just too much else going on that needed my attention.  

I felt the push to scrap a few weeks ago so I started cleaning up the space.  Then I came across all of Dari's Disney photopass pictures that she paid an arm and a leg for, and was so very proud of.  Just sitting in envelopes, not being enjoyed....  I decided that those are what was going to get me back in the game and I dove in.

Here is what I've done so far in the last week!!  I can honestly say that I haven't felt like this about scrapping for a very long time, my heart feels happy and it's back to being a kind of therapy for me, although it's hard looking at her beautiful smiling face on each page that I'm doing.....but I smile too :)

I am so happy to be doing this again, and I can't wait to have much more to share with you!!!
If you are reading this, thanks for sticking it out with me! :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

 In Memory of the Strongest Person I Have Ever Known

For anyone that may still be checking in on my pitiful little blog in hopes of scrappy goodness, I wanted to post an update that I never wanted to do.....

Peacefully, on September 25th, my sister lost her battle with cancer.
She was 39 years old, and leaves behind 2 beautiful children,
Isabelle who is 11 and Addison who is 7.
She loved her children, she loved her 'secondary children' at the daycare that she ran,
she loved her family, she loved her friends, she loved Disney.

I saw my sister go through things that broke my heart, shattered my spirit, and tore apart my faith that good things happen to good people.  She was confined to her bed, she was not able to make some last memories with her children.... everything moved way too fast and all of a sudden we were sitting bedside with her 24/7 for 3 long weeks before her body had just had enough.

I spent up to 12 hours/day with her in those last few weeks, and they still don't feel like enough.  I left the hospital that night kissing her about a dozen times on the forehead and telling her I loved her probably just as many.  I hope she heard me.... as she took her last breath shortly after I left.

She will be my inspiration for the rest of my life.  Everything I do, I will ask myself, would Dari smile?  Would she be proud?  Would she slap me?  Would she roll her eyes?  Or would she laugh?
She will be with me every step that I take.

There are no words that will ever explain how my heart aches, how my gut just seizes up when I realize I will never get to hug her again or talk to her, or just SEE her face to face.  It's a pain that I never expected.

Cherish your family, take the moments you get whether they be small or big, and treat them as precious as they truly are.  Life is too short not to.

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